Check out our side by side comparison video, showing you the Lakewood suspension difference. Ford Mustangs just got a new best friend. Lakewood suspension systems give you the most precise control on the market. Prepare your Ford Mustang to be the ultimate racing machine on any track.

At SEMA 2012 we put our money where our mouth was and let the experts get a first hand look at Lakewood suspension with hot laps in Ford Mustangs. First they took a run in a stock Mustang and then they rode in a Mustang equipped with the ground breaking suspension system. Person after person, the response was the same: the difference is night and day.

We also made some fans over at the Ford YouTube page after they took a ride with our Lakewood equipped Mustang.

win with our brandsOur performance family of brands (Mr. Gasket, Lakewood, ACCEL and Mallory) proudly support the Contingency Connection. Their main goal is to bring national sponsorship dollars to participating tracks/series in order to reward local racers throughout the country.

Watch this new video from Power TV and Lakewood Industries showing the installation of our rear suspension system on a 2011 Ford Mustang

watch our new Lakewood suspension and bellhousings commercialsHarness the power with suspension and safety products from Lakewood Industries. Watch our new commercial and then get out there and "Raise Some L."